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Jeet Kune Do the way of the Intercepting Fist

JKD was developed in the last century by martial arts icon the late Bruce Lee, he took hand to hand combat and literally turned it on its head by crushing many myths about traditional ways of fighting ...You see the one suits all doesn't fit, you need a suit that fits you and your personality!
JKD is somewhat tailor made for the person, he/she is taught the basics then feels the best way to apply these based on his/her ability rather than trying to make stuff work that doesn't suit.

JKD is away ahead of its time, even today some 40 yrs after it was developed there's no other way of fighting that is so simple or to the point .... in the founders own words "JKD is simple direct and non-classical"

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now training at tollcross sports centre - 350 Wellshot Rd, Glasgow G32 7QP

The beginner will be taught the basic stance and structure, then how to move his/her feet in every direction to strike or move away or towards targets.
We will cover the basic leg maneuvers you need to give you the kicking skills required for self preservation. Also working with the hands and covering 360 ability to strike from any angle or distance of designated targets to disable the opponent fast, then blending both hands and feet - offensive and defensive into working tools that will give you the edge of what you require for winning!
Everything is done and taught step by step so you progress to new levels once you have completed and mastered the previous level, this will give you something that other styles or systems don't have and will give you the confidence and skill that is required for total self preservation!

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Train in the Martial Art 'Jeet Kune Do' the way it was intended to be taught.
Practical self defense techniques that work in real life situations!
Join Tommy's Intercepting Fist Organisation and take advantage of both group and private lessons

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Are you an experienced fighter and would like to broaden your skills?
Tommy Carruthers has over 30 years experience in the martial arts and can take your career further.
Contact Tommy today for a discussion about how he can help you!

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Now you don't need to live in Scotland if you want to receive regular Jeet Kune Do instruction from Tommy Carruthers. That’s because for the first time ever you are just a few clicks away from learning Tommy’s very best self defense techniques straight from the man himself!

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simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
- tommy carruthers

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